Keeping Your Child Calm during a Flu Shot

A pediatric nurse shares tips and tricks for keeping little ones calm during a flu shot.

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CLEVELAND – Flu season is upon us and doctors are reminding parents to get their kids vaccinated – which isn’t always easy when you have a little one who’s scared of shots.

So how do you keep them calm?

“I like to administer vaccines in the comfort position, so if you’re giving a really big hug, most of the time they’ll see my reaction opposed to the parent’s reaction,” said Carmen Howard, LPN, of Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Howard said it’s important that parents remain calm when their child gets a shot.

Mom and dad should not show a look of worry, or fear, on their faces, because a child could react negatively to that.

As for tips on keeping them distracted, you can let them play a game on your tablet or cellphone; offering them a reward can help too.

And if they do get upset during the shot – that’s totally normal.

You shouldn’t tell them not to cry.

“It’s okay to be scared,” said Howard. “So, I just tell them it’s okay to cry. Parents will tell them, ‘Don’t cry. Be brave.’ Of course, be brave, but crying sometimes involves being brave.”

Another tip – she said it’s best not to wait until they’re walking into the doctor’s office to let your child know they’re getting a shot.

It’s good to give them a little time to prepare.

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