Protecting against COVID-19 this Halloween

Kristin Englund, MD, shares tips for keeping COVID-19 at bay this Halloween.

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CLEVELAND – Halloween is just around the corner and it’s sure to look and feel much different this year due to the pandemic.

Many cities are taking precautions, but what can parents do to keep their little ghosts and goblins safe?

“There are so many Halloween costumes and masks available out there for kids and teenagers who want to go out trick-or-treating, but it’s difficult to say whether Halloween masks, in and of themselves, are protective,” said Kristin Englund, MD, an infectious disease specialist at Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Englund recommends wearing a mask that has two layers of cloth.

She said kids probably don’t want to wear a cloth mask under their Halloween mask since it could be hard to breathe.

So instead, she suggests finding a way to customize the cloth mask, so it matches the costume.

She knows the pandemic has been stressful and hopes everyone can still have fun, while protecting themselves and others.

“Make sure that they’re able to get their little treats in a safe fashion and staying a good six feet apart from those folks who are in the homes,” Dr. Englund said. “So, whether that means being creative and leaving candy at the end of your sidewalk; I’ve seen people try to use fun ways to try and tube it down to them. Let’s be creative! But let’s be safe.”

If you don’t feel comfortable taking your kids out for trick-or-treating on Halloween, you can always plan other activities to do at home — like carving pumpkins with your family or organizing a candy scavenger hunt.




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