What Parents Need to Know about Children’s COVID and Flu Vaccines

Did you know kids can receive vaccine for COVID-19 and flu at the same time? A pediatrician tells us why both are important heading into winter.

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CLEVELAND – Now that COVID-19 vaccines are available for kids ages five and up, flu shots may not be top of mind.

But, according to Adam Keating, MD, pediatrician for Cleveland Clinic Children’s, it’s important to vaccinate your child against the flu too.

“Influenza still is an illness that can hit children, particularly our youngest children under 3 years of age, very hard with hospitalization,” explained Dr. Keating.

Flu season is unpredictable, so we’re not sure how widespread it will be this year, but cases are starting to pop up.

Dr. Keating said it’s recommended everyone over the age of six months get a flu shot each year.

For kids ages five and up, COVID-19 vaccination is also a good idea.

According to the CDC, it’s safe for a child to receive a COVID-19 and flu shot together, or close together.

“We are able and eager to give them both together. They can be on the same day and there are no requirements between how many days are between the vaccines,” said Dr. Keating.

Once infected, kids can spread flu and COVID-19 to others who may be more susceptible to complications or severe illness.

Dr. Keating said the best way to protect your family and the community is to be vaccinated against both.

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