Can Vaping Increase COVID-19 Health Risks? (PKG)

CLEVELAND – COVID-19 has dominated healthcare efforts for months, and experts are still figuring out how to beat the new virus. However, vaping is still a big problem in the U.S. According to Humberto Choi, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic, one worrisome impact of vaping during the COVID-19 pandemic, is that the symptoms of vaping lung … Read More

Avoid Health Pitfalls While Working from Home (PKG)

CLEVELAND – For many of us, the morning commute is from the bedroom to the home office. So, for those who want to keep their mind and mood in tip-top shape – Cleveland Clinic’s Dan Allan, M.D., said a structured routine is key. “Getting up, getting showered, getting dressed, not just hanging out in your … Read More

Pregnancy and COVID-19 Maintain Healthy Habits (PKG)

CLEVELAND – Pregnancy can bring new challenges and sometimes new fears – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Tosin Goje, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic, pregnant moms should use the same precautions as everyone else when it comes to staying healthy. “Use proper hand hygiene; wash your hands, with soap and water, for at least … Read More

Making the Most of Your Grocery Run (PKG)

CLEVELAND – As we navigate ‘stay at home’ orders, trips to the grocery store are becoming less frequent. But many of us face a dilemma – should we buy fresh food or food that will last longer? According to Cleveland Clinic’s Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, we can do both – but it may involve changing up … Read More

Social Distancing: Reducing Germ Spread (PKG)

CLEVELAND – Many of us are practicing social distancing – and staying away from others, or even staying home altogether. According to Cleveland Clinic’s Matthew Faiman, M.D., it’s best to stay about six feet away from others. “Things that are like the flu, like coronavirus, that are passed by respiratory droplet – which is something … Read More

Busting Common COVID-19 Myths (PKG)

CLEVELAND – Have you heard that eating garlic prevents COVID-19 infection? Or, that taking a hot bath will protect someone from the novel coronavirus? These are myths – and they’re running rampant. COVID-19 information can be overwhelming – and unfortunately misinformation is common. Frank Esper, M.D., an infectious disease expert at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, said … Read More

Talking to Children about COVID-19 (PKG)

CLEVELAND – Many children are home from school in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the change may cause some to have uncertainty. According to Kate Eshleman, PsyD, of Cleveland Clinic Children’s, it’s important for parents to listen to their child’s concerns. “It’s always important to start with the kids and find out where they’re … Read More