A Mother’s Love Lives On After Uterus Transplant PKG

CLEVELAND – At sixteen years old, Amanda Gruendell, of Syracuse, Utah, learned she didn’t have a uterus and couldn’t carry a child. “I always wanted a family. So that was the most devastating thing that I could ever imagine,” she said. About one in 500 women are affected by uterine factor infertility, a condition making … Read More

Returning to the Office after Working from Home PKG

CLEVELAND – As COVID-19 restrictions continue to scale back, some people may start to feel anxious — which Cleveland Clinic psychologist Susan Albers, PsyD, said is normal. “There is a wide range of emotion. Some people are very excited and others are very nervous. In some ways, it relates to your ability to adjust to … Read More

Home Remedies Backed by Science PKG

CLEVELAND – Most of us have tried a home remedy at some point — some work and some don’t. According to Elizabeth Kightlinger, MD, an internal medicine physician with Cleveland Clinic, one home remedy backed by science is using duct tape to remove a wart. “You want to put it on the wart and you … Read More