Ditch the Dreaded ‘Dad Bod’ (PKG)

CLEVELAND – Becoming a dad, especially for the first time, is a celebrated occasion. What’s not as celebrated is the ‘dad bod’ that can follow in the years to come. Cleveland Clinic’s Dan Allan, M.D., said weight gain, especially in the abdomen – is more than just a physique problem – it can lead to … Read More

Don’t Let Allergies Dull Your Christmas Cheer (PKG)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – unless, perhaps, if you have allergies. Sandra Hong, M.D., gives advice on how to keep itching and sneezing from stealing your holiday cheer. Download Script Download Text Web Story Download Video TRACKED PKG (HD.mov) Download Video NATS ONLY (HD.mov) Download Audio (MP3) Web Video – embed … Read More