Survey Shows Why Mindful Moments Matter PKG

CLEVELAND – According to a survey from Cleveland Clinic and Parade Media, the majority of Americans find taking small moments throughout the day is beneficial to their mental health. Kia-Rai Prewitt, PhD, psychologist with Cleveland Clinic, said that isn’t overly surprising. “You might look forward to maybe a longer work day or feel like you … Read More

Importance of Skin Cancer Prevention

CLEVELAND – For those unfamiliar, melanoma is considered the most invasive form of skin cancer and has the highest risk for death. It’s also another reason why skin cancer checks are so important. “It’s so important, especially for people who love being outdoors and who are fair skinned. I think it’s interesting that often times … Read More

What to Know about COVID Long-Hauler Symptoms

CLEVELAND – If you are experiencing COVID long-hauler symptoms after recovering from COVID-19, you are not alone. Kristin Englund, MD, infectious disease specialist with Cleveland Clinic, said many people have reported issues, some even two years later. “This is something that we may be dealing with for many years to come. It would be lovely … Read More

Tips for Visiting Newborns during Pandemic

CLEVELAND – Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time. New parents are eager to introduce their bundle of joy to family and friends, but what precautions should we be taking? Gina Robinson, MD, pediatrician for Cleveland Clinic, said it’s still a good idea to wear a mask around a newborn. “Even though the numbers … Read More

Do Word Games Help with Brain Health?

CLEVELAND – It seems like word games have grown in popularity over the years. They’re a fun and easy way to stay entertained. But, did you know they can also help keep your brain healthy? “My idea about those types of word games is if you enjoy them and they’re giving you a challenge, so … Read More

How Change in Climate Can Impact Allergies

CLEVELAND – Spring is in the air, but that’s not all. According to recent research, there’s more pollen in the air these days as well. “What they found was that the human-caused climate change is really changing our pollen seasons, so it’s lengthening the number of days that we can have pollen allergies and in … Read More

Why Good Posture Matters while Gaming

CLEVELAND – Many kids love playing video games, which can be a great way to stay entertained. But, it’s also important to make sure they’re taking regular breaks and keeping good posture. “We see neck pain. We see a lot of back pain as well, headaches,” said Drew Schwartz, DC, chiropractor for Cleveland Clinic and … Read More