Study: People Treated on Stroke Ambulance Recover Better

CLEVELAND – About two million brain cells die each minute during a stroke, which is why quick treatment is critical when a stroke is suspected. Now, new research shows when a high-tech stroke ambulance, known as a mobile stroke unit, arrives on the scene, stroke victims are diagnosed and treated faster. Andrew Russman, D.O., Medical Director … Read More

Take Care of Yourself While Caring for Baby

CLEVELAND – When a new baby comes home, the caring, the worrying, and the sleepless nights can make it easy for new moms to put their own health on the back burner. Adjusting to a new life and responsibilities can seem very overwhelming – especially for first time moms. “It’s very easy for a lot of … Read More

Uptick in Youth Suicides Linked to TV Show

CLEVELAND – Sadly, thousands of teenagers commit suicide each year in the U.S. Now new research shows the release of the television series ‘13 Reasons Why’ – which depicts the struggles and suicide of a fictional teenage girl – was associated with a 28.9 percent increase in youth suicide rates in the month following the show’s … Read More

FDA Aims to Ensure Sunscreens are Safe and Effective

CLEVELAND – Proper sunscreen application is vital to protecting our skin from sun damage and skin cancer. But, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the essential requirements for over-the-counter sunscreen products have not been updated in decades. Now, the organization has proposed a new set of regulations to ensure that what we’re putting … Read More

Breast Cancer Risk Higher After Childbirth

CLEVELAND – Having a baby has been associated with a slightly protective effect against breast cancer. However, a recent study is showing this benefit may take as long as 20 years to kick in. The study looked at data from 15 previous studies on women under the age of 55. Researchers found that in comparison with … Read More