Updated Lung Cancer Screening Recommendations Released

CLEVELAND – The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recently changed their recommendations for lung cancer screening, which could help save more lives. “Their update lowered the age limit from 55 to 50 and lowered the amount of smoking to 30 pack years down to 20 pack years. So their current recommendations would be ages 50 … Read More

Understanding Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card

CLEVELAND – Many people are taking to social media to share photos of their COVID-19 vaccine cards, which doctors say can be a good way to help raise awareness – as long as they’re being careful. “I think there is some merit in actually celebrating that and putting it on somebody’s social media feed. What … Read More

CDC Lifts Pause on Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

CLEVELAND – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has decided to resume the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It was recently put on hold after six women, who were all under the age of 50 years old, developed rare blood clots. “One of the things that we committed to when we … Read More

How Climate Change May Affect Future Pandemics

CLEVELAND – Earth Day is a time to think about the environment and global warming and climate change are often top of mind. The gradual warming of the earth’s atmosphere affects extreme weather like droughts and hurricanes. You may not realize it, but these types of natural disasters can play a role in disease spread and … Read More

Face Mask May Help Relieve Spring Allergy Symptoms

CLEVELAND – We’re well aware that wearing a face mask can reduce the spread of COVID-19. But did you know it may help your seasonal allergies as well? A recent study suggests using a face mask may reduce allergy symptoms. ”Masks can actually cover your nose and mouth and that’s usually the way we get … Read More

Reducing Voice Strain During Virtual Meetings

CLEVELAND – Research suggests people who have been working from home during the pandemic have experienced an increase in voice-related problems. You may not realize it, but constant virtual and phone meetings have the potential to strain your voice, even more than meeting in-person. “What can happen then is over these sustained repetitive meetings where, … Read More