Sorting Out Symptoms: Fall Allergies or COVID-19?

CLEVELAND – Stuffy nose, post nasal drip, sneezing and wheezing – ah, the joys of fall allergy season, or is it? According to Cleveland Clinic allergist, Sandra Hong, MD, fall allergy symptoms can be easily confused with those of COVID-19. So, how do we tell them apart? “Things that, I think, make a difference and … Read More

Why Older Individuals Need the COVID-19 Booster Shot

CLEVELAND – The CDC is now recommending booster shots for certain populations who previously received the Pfizer vaccine. This includes adults who are 65 years and older. Ardeshir Hashmi, MD, Section Chief of geriatrics for Cleveland Clinic, said this age group is more vulnerable to the virus. “People who are older who do get COVID, … Read More

Study Finds Breast Cancer Survival Increases with Early Diagnosis and Treatment

CLEVELAND – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to a recent Cleveland Clinic study, breast cancer survival increases when treatment involving surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are completed within 38 weeks of the initial diagnosis. “Most of the original time to treatment studies were looking at individual aspects of care. So what was the time … Read More

Standardizing Heart Attack Care for Women Saves Lives

CLEVELAND – Each year about one million women worldwide suffer a serious type of heart attack caused by a blockage. Previous research shows women, in comparison to men, often have lower survival rates and lower quality of life after these events. Now, a Cleveland Clinic study shows this trend can be reversed when healthcare providers … Read More

Study Shows How Steroid Nasal Sprays May Impact COVID-19

CLEVELAND – A Cleveland Clinic study found that patients who regularly use steroid nasal sprays are less likely to develop a severe case of COVID-19. It also reduced their risk for hospitalization, ICU admission and death. “This does not mean that people should use nasal sprays to treat COVID-19 or to prevent COVID-19. You need … Read More

What You Can Do to Help Prevent Dementia

CLEVELAND – September is World Alzheimer’s Month. According to a recent study, dementia cases will triple worldwide by 2050. So, what’s the reason behind this concerning trend? “In a lot of developing countries, people are living longer. We’re seeing more diabetes, greater weight gain, more smoking and those risk factors, along with aging, are increasing … Read More

How Older People Can Stay Safe from the Delta Variant

CLEVELAND – As the Delta variant continues to spread across the United States, some older people may be wondering what they can do to stay safe. “For our older population, COVID has always been an issue because they are more likely to get sick, get sick longer, more complications, so it’s a big concern,” said … Read More

What Parents Need to Know about Ultra-Processed Foods

CLEVELAND – September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. According to a recent study, 2/3 of calories consumed by children and adolescents come from ultra-processed foods. So, what can be done to stop this unhealthy trend? “Anything they can do to swap out more whole foods for those ultra-processed foods is going to help,” said … Read More

Study Finds Link Between COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s Disease

CLEVELAND – September 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day. A Cleveland Clinic study has found a connection between COVID-19 and brain changes commonly seen in Alzheimer ’s disease. It appears they share similar biological pathways. “What we did here is we tried to look at the gene or protein expression in 80 patients with Alzheimer’s disease, … Read More