Weight Loss: Does it Matter When I Exercise?

CLEVELAND – Most of us know exercise is a major part of losing weight – but does the time of day you work up a sweat make a difference? Not really, according to recent research – but consistency does. Cleveland Clinic’s Michael Roizen, M.D., didn’t conduct the study, but said results show – morning, noon, or … Read More

If You Want an Active Child – Get Moving

CLEVELAND – A new report says that by the year 2030, more than 250 million school-aged children will be obese. But according to one recent study, moms and dads can help keep their kids active by getting themselves moving too. The study looked at data on more than 4,000 students. Researchers found that it didn’t actually … Read More

Poll: We’re Angrier Now than One Generation Ago

CLEVELAND – Do you feel like people are more agitated these days? Well, you’re not alone. According to a recent poll, 84 percent of people surveyed believe Americans are angrier today than they were a generation ago. Cleveland Clinic psychologist Scott Bea, PsyD said when it comes to anger, it can be a different story for … Read More

Breast Cancer Survivor ‘Feels like Herself’ after Novel Reconstruction (PKG)

CLEVELAND – Survival is top priority when diagnosed with breast cancer, but once treatment is complete, women want to feel like themselves again. Mariann Lotenero, 62, of North Ridgeville, Ohio, wasn’t satisfied with her ‘new normal’ after a having a double mastectomy to treat triple negative breast cancer in 2011. “I was having tightness and pulling,” … Read More

Enjoy Seasonal Coffee Drinks with your Waistline in Mind

CLEVELAND – One thing that is synonymous with fall and coffee are pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks. But, according to Ariana Cucuzza, RD, of Cleveland Clinic, store-bought pumpkin coffee drinks are known for being packed full of calories and sugar. So, she recommends making modifications to your order. “When you’re out, there’s a couple of things you … Read More

Having Heart Disease Can Impact the Brain Too

CLEVELAND – Many of us are concerned about heart and brain health as we age. Now, research uncovers a new link between the two. A recent study shows people diagnosed with heart disease may have more brain changes than those with healthy hearts. Researchers studied 7,888 people over the age of 50 for more than … Read More