Fast-acting Father Beats Colorectal Cancer (PKG)

CLEVELAND – At 36-years-old, the last thing on Ben Simcox’s, mind was colorectal cancer. So, he didn’t think much of a little blood during a bowel movement. “I just thought it was like a hemorrhoid,” Simcox recalled. “I thought it was something really small.” But a colonoscopy told a different story. “They revealed that he … Read More

Labor Day Do’s and Don’ts during the Pandemic

CLEVELAND – Many of us mark the unofficial end of summer with a Labor Day party. But, this year’s celebration should look different as we try to contain the spread of COVID-19. Frank Esper, MD, of Cleveland Clinic Children’s, said there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re hosting or attending holiday … Read More

Survey Shows How Men Are Coping with COVID-19

CLEVELAND – COVID-19 has taken a mental toll on all of us. Now, a Cleveland Clinic survey shows 77 percent of men report their stress level has increased as a result of the pandemic. “Half of those admit that this is taking an emotional and a mental toll on their day-to-day lives,” said Frank Jevnikar, … Read More

When Should I Treat High Cholesterol?

September is National Cholesterol Education Month. Millions of people have high cholesterol, putting them at increased risk for heart disease. The good news is high cholesterol is treatable at any age. According to Cleveland Clinic’s Luke Laffin, MD, managing cholesterol starts young. “Typically we recommend as soon as someone turns 18, or in their early … Read More

Staying Sane while Working and Learning Remotely

CLEVELAND – The coronavirus pandemic has changed many of our lives. More parents are working from home – and now some kids are learning from home too. According to Emily Mudd, PhD, a child psychologist at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, it’s a situation that’s sure to create some stress. “Before the pandemic, when mom and dad … Read More

Safety Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers during COVID-19

CLEVELAND – The end of August wraps up National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. It’s well known that breastfeeding has health benefits for both mom and baby, but some new mothers may wonder if it’s safe to nurse during the pandemic. According to Tosin Goje, MD, an OB/GYN at Cleveland Clinic – breastfeeding is safe. She said … Read More

Creating a Pain-Free Home Workspace (PKG)

CLEVELAND – COVID-19 forced many of us to leave the comfort of our ergonomically correct offices and work from home, leading to a host of aches and pains. Andrew Bang, DC, a chiropractor at Cleveland Clinic, said the key to a pain-free workday starts with a creative setup. “Figure out how to use boxes, or … Read More

Sorting Out Symptoms: Fall Allergies or Coronavirus

CLEVELAND – Fall allergy season may be tricky this year with COVID-19 in the mix. Allergy symptoms often mimic those of coronavirus, but according to Sandra Hong, MD, an allergist at Cleveland Clinic, there are a couple of telltale signs that it’s not allergies. “With coronavirus symptoms, very frequently, they’ll come on with fevers. If … Read More

Protecting Pregnant Women from COVID-19

CLEVELAND – Pregnancy is an exciting time – but it’s also a time when many changes take place in a woman’s body. Some of those changes make respiratory infections, like COVID-19, especially concerning for a mom-to-be. Cleveland Clinic’s Tosin Goje, MD, said recent evidence suggests pregnant women may face more severe illness if infected with … Read More