Coping with Adult Sibling Rivalry

CLEVELAND – When we hear about ‘sibling rivalry’ – we often think of brothers pushing each other down on the playground. But the tribulations of our youth can sometimes follow us into adulthood – and the holidays. Scott Bea, PsyD, of Cleveland Clinic said conflicts are often developed when children suspect a parent is playing favorites, … Read More

Seasonal Safety: Avoid Holiday Decorating Pitfalls

CLEVELAND – When it comes to getting into the holiday spirit, nothing compares to the fun of hanging up holiday decorations. But, according to Tom Waters, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic, before dragging out the lights and ladders, be sure to check the forecast. “Once it gets cold and icy, and rainy, and windy, that’s not … Read More

Quitting Smoking Benefits People with Heart Problems

CLEVELAND – November 21 is the Great American Smokeout. Often times, people who have suffered a major heart-related problem think it’s too late to quit smoking– that it won’t make a difference. But, a recent study shows it’s never too late to quit. The study looked at data on 4,673 patients who had heart-related events, like … Read More

Virus or Bacteria: What’s Making My Child Sick?

CLEVELAND – When it comes to trying to figure out whether your child has a virus or a bacterial infection, it can be really tough. According to Frank Esper, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic Children’s, sometimes the symptoms seem the same, but they’re treated differently. “There is a big difference between the two – for the … Read More

Study: Teens Who Don’t Date May Fare Better

CLEVELAND – Teens who don’t date in high school are not any worse off than teens who date – according to a recent study. In fact, they may actually fare somewhat better when it comes to their emotional state. The study looked at 594 tenth graders. The teens were divided into groups – based on their … Read More

Dog Owners Fare Better after Heart Attack, Study Says

CLEVELAND – After suffering a heart-related event– a dog really is man’s best friend, according to a recent study. The study looked at 181,696 people between the ages of 40-85, who had previously suffered a heart attack or stroke. They looked at the association of dog ownership with other cardiovascular events – such as repeat heart … Read More

Healthy Choices Can Reduce Diabetes Risk by 75%, Study Says

CLEVELAND – November 14 is World Diabetes Day. While diabetes is a growing world-wide epidemic, a recent study shows choosing healthy habits can make a difference in the long run. Researchers analyzed data from 14 studies which included about one million people. “What they found was that people who had the healthiest lifestyle, had a 75 … Read More