Report: Heart Disease, Stroke Hitting more Middle Age Adults

CLEVELAND – Heart disease and strokes, despite being largely preventable, are responsible for more than 2 million hospitalizations each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Now, a recent report shows progress in preventing heart disease and strokes in the U.S. has hit a plateau, especially with middle-aged adults. According to the … Read More

Study: Light Smokers Face Heavy Risks

CLEVELAND – The health risks of daily cigarette smoking have been well documented. But can those who consider themselves ‘light-smokers’ be at an increased risk of death as well? A new study says yes. The study looked at data on 70, 913 adults in the U.S. Researchers found that when compared to people who had never … Read More

Study: Resistance Exercise Good for the Heart

CLEVELAND – If you’re managing to stick with your New Year’s resolution to hit the gym more often – it may be time to add some weight training to your workout regimen. According to a recent study, adding resistance or weight-bearing exercises to your workout routine can help your heart health. The study looked at data … Read More

One in Ten U.S. Adults Has a Food Allergy

CLEVELAND – We often think of food allergies as a childhood condition, but according to a recent national study, food allergies impact more than ten percent of U.S. adults. The study, which looked at 40,443 U.S. adults found the most common allergies were shellfish, milk, peanut, tree nut and fin fish. Researchers also found that almost … Read More

Orthorexia: When Clean Eating Becomes Problematic

CLEVELAND – Many of us head into a new year with goals to clean up our diet. But is it possible to have a good effort spiral into disordered eating? Orthorexia is a relatively new concept that experts are looking at – one that involves obsessive behaviors or ‘food rules’ about what is healthy and … Read More

When is the Right Time to Try for Baby Number 2?

CLEVELAND – When new parents finally get through the sleepless newborn months and get a chance to catch their breath, those with plans to grow their family often wonder – when is the right time to plan for baby number two? According to Salena Zanotti, M.D., a women’s health care physician at Cleveland Clinic, research says … Read More

Measles Outbreaks Highlight Significance of Vaccination

CLEVELAND – Recent measles outbreaks impacting communities in the U.S. have highlighted the severity of this dangerous disease. According to Camille Sabella, M.D., a pediatric infectious disease expert at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, measles is a preventable disease because of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, which has been recommended for young children for decades. He … Read More