Can We Become Addicted to Social Media?

CLEVELAND – Social media has become so ingrained in our culture, that it’s easy to forget that it hasn’t been around for very long. It’s so new, that, according to Joseph Rock, PsyD of Cleveland Clinic, the research is just emerging on how our behaviors surrounding social media could be measured against standards for being diagnosed … Read More

Report Shows Rise in Yoga, Meditation among Children

CLEVELAND – According to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, the number of children using yoga and meditation is rising. Judi Bar, yoga program manager at Cleveland Clinic, said kids often think yoga is fun, but it can also teach them effective ways to manage stress and self-soothe. “There’s a natural curiosity … Read More

Study: Sleep Apnea More Dangerous for Women’s Hearts

CLEVELAND – Obstructive sleep apnea, which is often accompanied by severe snoring, is a common, yet dangerous sleep disorder that involves short periods of stopped breathing during sleep. According to one recent study, the condition may put people, especially women, at risk for heart problems. The study looked at data on 4,877 people available through UK … Read More

Study: U.S. Adults are Sitting Too Much

CLEVELAND – We all know that sitting too much is bad for our health, but just how many hours do we spend sitting each day? A recent study says the answer, for many of us, is more than we should. The study looked at data on 5,923 adults who took part in a national survey. “The … Read More

Cancer and Alternative Therapies: What You Need to Know

CLEVELAND – Cancer therapies have evolved in recent years, and the number of options can seem overwhelming to a person who’s been newly diagnosed. According to Dale Shepard, M.D., Ph.D., of Cleveland Clinic, when faced with a cancer diagnosis, the first thing to do is have an honest and open conversation with an oncologist. “I … Read More

Study: Are E-Cigarettes Creating More Teen Smokers?

CLEVELAND – According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), teen electronic cigarette use has sky-rocketed by an alarming rate – 78 percent – in the past year. Now, a new study looks to answer the question – ‘Are e-cigarettes increasing the odds for teens to start smoking?’ The study looked at 6,123 teenagers … Read More

Don’t Let the Groundhog’s Shadow Get You Down

CLEVELAND – As we inch closer to ‘Groundhog Day’, many of us will be crossing our fingers hoping the little guy doesn’t see his shadow, forecasting six more weeks of winter. According to Joseph Rock, PsyD, of Cleveland Clinic, for those who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, depressive symptoms can actually begin in … Read More

Stay Safe: Ask for Help during Cold Weather Snaps

CLEVELAND – Bitter cold temperatures can be miserable for most of us, but for the elderly, the cold can bring extra challenges. According to Ronan Factora, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic, for older people and those who have heart conditions, doing work that requires a great deal of effort, like shoveling snow, can put a lot … Read More