Antidote to rising drug prices languishes in Congress

Cleveland Clinic Chief Pharmacy Officer Scott Knoer, M.S., Pharm.D., writes in The Hill:   “Two new proposals from the Trump administration (aimed at lowering drug prices) … should be celebrated. However, neither strategy will halt egregious price increases or bring down overall health care costs bloated by unsustainable drug prices. Prices for the top 20 most-prescribed … Read More

Heads Up: CDC’s New Guidelines if Your Child Suffers from a Concussion

Every hour, of every day, 90 children are treated in emergency departments for mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), or concussion. That’s an alarming 800,000 children annually. And that is just a fraction of the 2.5 million high school students who have had a sports- or physical activity-related concussion in the past 12 months. The good … Read More

Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Has Offered Free Tuition Since 2008

As medical educators, we applaud the decision by NYU’s School of Medicine to provide tuition-free medical education to all its medical students. As the enlightened architects of that policy are well aware, the costs of medical education and the high debt burden born by many medical students often condition students’ choices, forcing consideration of indebtedness … Read More

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Costing Consumers Millions of Dollars

Cleveland Clinic Chief Pharmacy Officer Scott Knoer writes in STAT News:   “Pharmacy benefit managers market themselves as keen negotiators able to squeeze pharmaceutical manufacturers for better deals that save money for insurers, patients, and society. Yet they are turning out to be little more than middlemen, adding scant value but significantly increasing costs. They have … Read More

How Facing Death Changed the Way I Treat Patients

Fear and anxiety are powerful emotions, especially when a patient faces an unsettling medical diagnosis. As a healthcare provider, I see it every day. But as a cancer clinician in particular, I am extra mindful of the thoughts and emotions that wash over newly-diagnosed patients. One of the keys to being a good physician is … Read More