How Cleveland Clinic is Supporting India during COVID-19 Surge

As a global organization, our care for the community extends around the world. In India, COVID-19 cases continue to surge and there is a lack of critical supplies to care for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients throughout the country. Cleveland Clinic is quickly working on ways to help. We are shipping personal protective equipment including face … Read More

Cleveland Clinic and Doctors Hospital Health System Establish Strategic Relationship to Expand and Improve Healthcare Services in The Bahamas

CLEVELAND, OHIO and NASSAU, BAHAMAS: Cleveland Clinic and Doctors Hospital Health System have formed a strategic advisory council with the goal of expanding and improving the delivery of healthcare services in the Bahamas. The organizations agreed to form the advisory council in a two-year strategic advisory agreement which will provide Doctors Hospital access to Cleveland Clinic’s … Read More

Air Canada Partners with Cleveland Clinic Canada

MONTREAL, Canada – Air Canada announced today that Cleveland Clinic, a global healthcare leader will provide medical advisory services as the airline further develops biosafety measures across its operations. Air Canada will have access to the local expertise of Cleveland Clinic Canada as well as clinical expertise from Cleveland Clinic’s worldwide enterprise system. “As airline travel … Read More


据由杰出的临床医生和研究人员组成的专家团介绍,包括具有双重作用的骨质疏松药、微创二尖瓣手术、花生过敏的新疗法在内的医疗领域创新将在明年提高临床治愈率,改善医疗水平。 克利夫兰医学中心今天在多媒体演讲中宣布了2020年十大医疗创新,为2019年医疗创新峰会画上圆满的句号。克利夫兰医学中心创新部门(Cleveland Clinic Innovations)是克利夫兰医学中心的研发和商业化部门,这是该部门第17年组织年度医疗创新峰会。 新兴科技清单由克里夫兰医学中心的医生和研究人员选出,该专家组由克里夫兰医学中心的名誉首席健康总监Michael Roizen医生领导。 Roizen医生说:“医疗健康是不断变化的,我们期望这些创新能显著地转化到医学领域,并改善克利夫兰医学中心和全世界对患者的医疗治疗水平。” 以下是根据预期的重要性排列的2020年十大医疗科技创新:

“كليفلاند كلينك أوهايو” الأول في العالم بإجراء جراحات روبوتية أحادية الشقّ لزرع الكلى

أوهايو، 25 نوفمبر 2019 – أصبح مستشفى كليفلاند كلينك بالولايات المتحدة أول مستشفى في العالم ينفذ بنجاح عملية زرع كلى روبوتية عبر شقّ واحد في البطن تدخل منه الأدوات الجراحية والكلية المتبرع بها. وضمّ الفريق الجراحي الذي أجرى العملية الدكتور جهاد قاووق بروفيسور الجراحة ومدير مركز الجراحة الروبوتية والموجّهة صوريًا في معهد “غليكمان” للمسالك البولية … Read More

Combining Nature and Technology, Luye Medical and Cleveland Clinic Join to Build a Future Hospital in Shanghai

Shanghai: Luye Medical and Cleveland Clinic unveiled an architectural scale model of the world’s first Cleveland Clinic Connected project – the Shanghai Luye Lilan Hospital. Leaders from the government agency of Shanghai’s Minhang District and the Shanghai New Hong Qiao International Medical Center (IMC), the Consul-General from the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai, representatives of … Read More