About Cleveland Clinic

A Global Medical Resource

Cleveland Clinic was founded in 1921 by four physicians who served in World War I, and were impressed by the organization and efficiency of military medicine. They established Cleveland Clinic as an ideal medical center, where specialists could work as a team to solve the most difficult medical problems.

An Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

Today, we are a U.S.-based global enterprise in five countries (U.S., Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom) with locations and affiliations in 19 states, including a tertiary care hospital in Weston, Florida, and a brain treatment center in Las Vegas.

Cleveland Clinic has been rated America’s No. 1 heart hospital for 21 consecutive years, while ranking as one of the nation’s five best hospitals overall, according to U.S. News & World Report.

A physician-led, non-profit, group practice based in Cleveland, Ohio, our salaried physicians are challenged to “act as a unit,” and use their diverse skills to find cures for life’s most complex medical problems.

A $7.2 billion operation, we employ nearly 50,000 people, making us the second largest employer in Ohio. Meanwhile, a culture of innovation continues to produce medical advances and fosters new treatment strategies.

In an era of healthcare transformation, our experts are often looked to as thought leaders and innovators. We believe our status springs from our mission: Medical innovation and patient care.

A Culture of Innovation

Cleveland Clinic’s founders prized discovery and creative solutions as a means of improving healthcare. That philosophy led to the pioneering of open-heart surgery, the invention of coronary angiography, and the first coronary bypass surgery.

Recent medical breakthroughs include:

  • Nation’s first transcatheter valve replacement and repair (2011)
  • First nearly-full face transplant (2009)
  • First kidney surgery performed through the navel (2007)
  • First successful larynx transplant (1998)

At Cleveland Clinic, ideas and inventions often result in new products and job-creating companies. Cleveland Clinic

Innovations, the commercialization arm of the health system, is one of the most successful tech transfer offices in healthcare.

Since its launch in 2000, CCI has secured more than 650 patents and spun off 76 companies, including Explorys, Intelect Medical, Cleveland Heartlab and Juventas Therapeutics.

Patients First

Upon becoming CEO and president of Cleveland Clinic in 2004, Toby Cosgrove, MD, intensified the focus on the patient experience. “Patients First” became the mantra and all employees are called caregivers.


Cleveland Clinic was one of the first major medical centers in the world to:

  • Make patient experience a strategic goal
  • Establish an Office of Patient Experience
  • Appoint a Chief Experience Officer
  • Encourage patients to grade their physicians and to post doctor rankings online
  • Adopt electronic medical records, putting information at the fingertips of patients and providers throughout the system