Baby with Rare Disease Goes Home after Successful Bone Marrow Transplant

Sitting contentedly on her daddy’s lap, dressed in bright pink from head to toe, little Denniya Rawls is a portrait of health. Sweet baby Denniya is now a happy, healthy 11-month-old thanks to a lifesaving bone marrow transplant: — Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) November 8, 2017 But it wasn’t too long ago she was … Read More

How Cleveland Clinic is Dealing With The Opioid Epidemic

Cleveland Clinic applauds the federal government’s efforts to declare the opioid crisis a national public health emergency. It’s an unfortunate reality that Ohio leads the nation in opioid-related emergency room visits. We’re committed to alternative ways to treat pain. In 2016, Cleveland Clinic alone had more than 2,300 opioid-related ED visits, including 1,200 overdoses. It’s important … Read More

Cooling Cap Helps Mom Go Through Chemotherapy Without Losing Hair

Once a week, for 12 weeks, Jennifer Buckland would pull a hockey-like helmet over her strawberry-blonde hair, and tighten the chin strap. This cooling cap device helped Jennifer go through chemo without losing her hair while she fought #breastcancer. — Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) October 26, 2017 Only then, would her chemotherapy treatment for … Read More

Opera Singer Who Had 2 Double-Lung Transplants Performs Duet With Donor’s Daughter

Usually, when Esperanza Tufani sings, her rich alto voice rings throughout a church sanctuary, as a member of her choir. Not Tuesday, however. .@CharityTD, who had 2 double-lung transplants, performs touching duet with donor’s daughter. ➡️ #MIS2017 — Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) October 25, 2017 The 24-year-old Chipotle general manager from Canton shared the … Read More

Rare Surgery After Cancer Saves Young Boy’s Leg

Many kids experience growing pains in their legs –cramping leg muscle pains that most children outgrow within a few years. At four years old, Liam Waldron’s aches were not going away. In fact, they turned into his parents’ worst fear. Cleveland Clinic doctors diagnosed Liam with an aggressive form of bone cancer in his left … Read More

After 2 Double-Lung Transplants, Curtain Calls Continue for Opera Singer

Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick lives a “terrifying, incredible, infuriating, beautiful, joyous life.” Meet opera singer @charityTD whose on her third set of lungs and continues to wow audiences w/ her beautiful voice. — Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) October 14, 2017   Those are her words, from her just-released autobiography – “The Encore: A Memoir in … Read More

Cleveland Clinic’s Annual Community Benefit Reaches Highest-Ever Total at $809 million

In 2016, Cleveland Clinic set a new record by providing $808.7 million in community benefit where it operates in Ohio, Nevada and Florida – a 17 percent increase over 2015. A measure of the institution’s commitment to financial assistance, Medicaid shortfall, subsidized health services, outreach programs, education and research, community benefit has been central to … Read More

Cleveland Clinic Research: How Often are Breast Cancer Patients Referred to Fertility Experts?

CLEVELAND – When a young woman learns she has breast cancer, thinking about her future fertility might be the last thing on her mind. And according to recent Cleveland Clinic research, very few women with breast cancer are referred to a fertility expert before undergoing chemotherapy. Rebecca Flyckt, M.D., is a fertility expert at Cleveland Clinic … Read More