Cleveland Clinic Researchers Uncover How Cancer Stem Cells Drive Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Cleveland Clinic researchers have published findings in Nature Communications on a new stem cell pathway that allows a highly aggressive form of breast cancer – triple-negative breast cancer – to thrive. Hormone therapy for breast cancer blocks cancer cells from interacting with hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which fuel the cancer cells to grow … Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness Doesn’t End in October

By Jame Abraham, M.D. Director of Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center’s Breast Oncology Program Co-Director of the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program @jamecancerdoc My patient Jackie, 39 years old, was alone for her visit but on a mission. Bald, she never wore a cap or bandana. Her big black eyes, were full of strength and joy.  “I think … Read More

Cleveland Clinic Researcher Leads Development of Updated Guidelines for Targeted Radiation in Breast Cancer

Cleveland Clinic researcher Chirag Shah, M.D., led the development of updated guidelines for the appropriate and safe utilization of accelerated partial-breast irradiation (APBI). The guidelines are published online in the journal, Brachytherapy. APBI is a breast radiation therapy technique in which targeted radiation is delivered, either via brachytherapy (applicator devices or multiple catheters) or through … Read More

Cooling Cap Helps Mom Go Through Chemotherapy Without Losing Hair

Once a week, for 12 weeks, Jennifer Buckland would pull a hockey-like helmet over her strawberry-blonde hair, and tighten the chin strap. Only then, would her chemotherapy treatment for Stage 1 breast cancer begin at Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute. Jennifer, 43, donned the unusual “cooling cap” headgear for as many as eight hours at a … Read More