Woman Is The Youngest Face Transplant Patient In The U.S.

At 21, Katie Stubblefield is the youngest person in the U.S. to receive a face transplant. A year later, she’s on the road to recovery. Download a fact sheet Download photos of Katie, the surgeons and the face transplant surgery (JPG) Download video b-roll of the face transplant surgery (HD.mov) Download video b-roll of Katie before … Read More

Face Transplants: The Changing Face of Medicine

To many, the human face defines personhood. When it is devastated beyond the reach of conventional plastic or restorative surgery, a patient may lament both the loss of their appearance and simple functional abilities such as smiling, talking, eating, or breathing on their own. In these rare instances, a face transplant may be the only … Read More

Cleveland Clinic Performs Third Face Transplant

In a 31-hour surgery in May, a team of 11 Cleveland Clinic surgeons and multiple specialists performed the hospital’s third face transplant – and its first total face transplant – on a 21-year-old female who suffered severe facial trauma and other complications from a gunshot wound as a teenager. The surgery included transplantation of the … Read More