Pharmacy Benefit Managers Costing Consumers Millions of Dollars

    Cleveland Clinic Chief Pharmacy Officer Scott Knoer writes in STAT News that the financial shenanigans of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are boosting drug costs for everyone. Read his op-ed at:       What does PBM stand for? In Ohio (and elsewhere), it’s programs bilking millions        

How Facing Death Changed the Way I Treat Patients

Fear and anxiety are powerful emotions, especially when a patient faces an unsettling medical diagnosis. As a healthcare provider, I see it every day. But as a cancer clinician in particular, I am extra mindful of the thoughts and emotions that wash over newly-diagnosed patients. One of the keys to being a good physician is … Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness Doesn’t End in October

By Jame Abraham, M.D. Director of Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center’s Breast Oncology Program Co-Director of the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program @jamecancerdoc My patient Jackie, 39 years old, was alone for her visit but on a mission. Bald, she never wore a cap or bandana. Her big black eyes, were full of strength and joy.  “I think … Read More

It’s Time to Focus on Real Healthcare Reform

  By Toby Cosgrove, M.D. Cleveland Clinic president and CEO Now that the latest effort to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act has failed, it’s time to propose real fixes to the federal law that will actually improve healthcare for all Americans. My hope is that Congress can now undertake a sober, bipartisan analysis … Read More

Why Cleveland Clinic Opposes Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill

By Toby Cosgrove., M.D. Cleveland Clinic president and CEO Deciphering a dense piece of proposed federal legislation is no easy task. But in the case of the Graham-Cassidy proposal under consideration in the US Senate, one key question can provide crucial focus: Who benefits from this latest effort to gut the Affordable Care Act? Not states. … Read More