Features Cleveland Clinic Akron General’s New Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Cleveland Clinic Akron General’s new epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) will evaluate, diagnosis and monitor patients with the neurological condition. The facility is connected  to Cleveland Clinic’s Central Monitoring Unit, a live control center with EEG monitoring around the clock. For more information, read Jennifer Conn’s piece on, “Cleveland Clinic Akron General opens epilepsy monitoring … Read More

The New York Times Examines the Impact of Exercise on Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

For patients living with Parkinson’s disease, a regular exercise regimen can improve daily functioning and quality of life. Jay Alberts, Ph.D., discusses a study where he examined the benefits of tandem cycling for patients with the progressive movement disorder. For more information, read Jane Brody’s piece, “Exercise Can Be a Boon to People With Parkinson’s … Read More