How AI Could Help Your Bad Back

Cleveland Clinic’s Thomas E. Mroz, M.D., and Ghaith Habboub explain how artificial intelligence can help those with back pain, on the website of Scientific American:

“(T)he spine is a tricky and complicated region of the body. Several different conditions and diseases can affect the spine, resulting in a wide range of procedures used to treat them. Factor in the experience, expertise and pedigree of treating physicians; the wide variations in the utilization of pre- and post-operative resources; and a slew of patient-specific factors that may arise, and you end up with a swirling tempest of confusion—with the patient in the eye of the storm.

While the spine community has a wealth of knowledge in peer-reviewed medical literature, it remains extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the practicing physician or surgeon to reconcile in real time all of the data that will ultimately determine the most cost-effective choice for a particular treatment.

Fortunately, a solution is within our grasp. At Cleveland Clinic, and elsewhere, we are taking steps to leverage AI.”

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