Statement from Cleveland Clinic on COVID-19 Testing Accessibility

September 24, 2021

Media Contact

Andrea Pacetti 216.316.3040

We have been experiencing a growing volume of patients requesting COVID-19 testing in our emergency, urgent care and Express Care settings.  

We understand that with the increased numbers of COVID-19 cases and other respiratory illnesses happening across our community, people want to be tested.  Before coming to a Cleveland Clinic emergency, urgent care or Express Care location to be tested, please first consider the below options:  

  • If you or a loved one are experiencing non-urgent COVID-19 symptoms and have a Cleveland Clinic primary care provider, you may schedule a testing appointment online in MyChart without seeing a provider.   
  • If you or a loved one are experiencing non-urgent COVID-19 symptoms and do NOT have a Cleveland Clinic primary care physician and would like to be tested through Cleveland Clinic, please schedule an online virtual visit to see a provider who can order a test for you. 
  • If you do not have symptoms but would still like to be tested for COVID-19 through Cleveland Clinic, please self-schedule a testing appointment through MyChart.   
  • Cleveland Clinic is one of many locations in the community where testing is provided. In addition to testing sites, self-testing kits from the State of Ohio are available free of charge at local libraries and for sale at most retail pharmacies.       

These testing options are crucial to ensuring our emergency departments, urgent cares and Express Cares can provide timely treatment for patients with critical needs.  We are currently experiencing high volumes of patients at our facilities, so wait times for those with minor symptoms may be longer than average.  

If your COVID-19 symptoms are severe, the emergency department is available 24 hours a day for patients who require immediate care.