Cleveland Clinic Statement on Women’s Health

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“Our strongly held conviction is that women’s healthcare decisions are best made between a patient and their healthcare provider — a relationship based on privacy and trust. It is a privilege for us to serve patients with such an intimate understanding of their lives.

We are deeply concerned about the consequences that restrictive abortion laws will have on women and families.

The United States already has among the poorest infant and maternal mortality rates in the developed world. Minority and low-income women in particular will be disproportionately affected by restrictions to reproductive healthcare, which were swiftly put into effect in Ohio.

We remain committed to the health and well-being of our communities and will continue to support women and reproductive health while also following the law.

In support of our patients and communities, our leaders are working on recommendations for improving access and removing barriers to contraception, guiding patients on interstate travel and developing partnerships with other health systems and organizations.

In support of our caregivers, we are reviewing how benefits under the Employee Health Plan may be expanded to cover out-of-state reproductive health services for all members.

This is continuing to evolve as we come to better understand the new law.”