Keeping your Thanksgiving Gathering Germ-Free

With so many viruses going around, some people may be worried about their Thanksgiving gatherings. A physician has advice on how to stay safe.

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CLEVELAND – With so many viruses going around these days, you may be wondering how to keep your thanksgiving gathering safe.

“COVID, influenza, and other bacteria and viruses haven’t left us, so before you plan that Thanksgiving get-together be sure that you’re immunized and all of your friends and family who can be immunized are so as well,” advised Neha Vyas, MD, family medicine physician for Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Vyas said some other precautions include having hand sanitizer available for guests and multiple towels for the bathroom. That way everyone isn’t using the same one to dry their hands.

You can also space out seating so people aren’t congregating in one room.

When it comes to serving the food, you could do plated meals instead of a buffet and use disposable dishware and utensils.

Guests who are nervous about possibly getting sick could always wear a mask or opt to stay home this year.

The same goes for anyone who may not be feeling well. Dr. Vyas said it’s not worth risking someone else’s health.

“And don’t forget those who among us are the most immunocompromised, the very elderly and the very young who sometimes are unable to receive the vaccines to protect themselves. Be sure to do your part to protect them,” she said.

Food poisoning can also be a risk at thanksgiving.

Dr. Vyas encourages anyone cooking to make sure they’re thoroughly washing all produce and heating food to the right temperature. And don’t forget to properly store leftovers.

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