Daily Health Stories

People at the beach.

Tips for Battling Swimsuit Insecurities

For some, wearing a swimsuit in public can be intimidating. A psychologist offers some advice to help you feel more comfortable.

People on boat.

Protecting your Skin from the Sun this Summer

The Friday before Memorial Day is known as “Don’t Fry Day," highlighting the importance of protecting our skin from the sun. A dermatologist goes over why sunscreen and other precautions must be taken before heading outside.

Man cooking on grill.

Tips for a Safe and Tasty Memorial Day Cookout

A registered dietitian has some food safety tips to keep in mind when preparing your Memorial Day cookout.

Child sitting by pool.

Swimming Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

A pediatrician offers some important swimming safety tips to keep in mind as pools reopen this Memorial Day.

Women in yoga class.

Simple Tips to Manage your Stress

Stress can not only take a toll on our mental health but our physical health as well. A psychologist goes over ways to manage your stress.

Pickles in a jar.

Surprising Health Benefits of Pickles

There’s nothing like the crunch of a pickle on a good burger, but does the cookout staple offer any health benefits? A registered dietitian weighs in.

Woman gardening.

Benefits of Gardening for your Health

Now that the flowers are in bloom, it's the perfect time to consider taking up gardening. A physician explains the health benefits of doing so.

Woman pouring glass of wine.

Alcohol Raises Risk of Heart Disease in Women, Study Finds

It is National Women's Health Week. A cardiologist comments on a recent study showing how too much alcohol can put some women at greater risk for heart disease.

Signs of stroke.

'BE FAST': Knowing the Signs of a Stroke

May is American Stroke Month. A neurologist explains what 'BE FAST' is and how it can help you tell if someone is having a stroke.

Mother relaxing outdoors.

Importance of Self-Care this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this Sunday. A psychologist explains why it's important for moms to practice self-care, especially since they often put their needs last.

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