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Daily Health Stories

Woman using credit card
June 24, 2024/Daily Health Stories

How to Stop Compulsive Shopping

If you often find yourself buying things you don't need, you're not alone. A psychologist explains how to help reduce the habit of compulsive shopping.

Doctor talking with patient
June 21, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Many Adults Concerned about Brain Health but Not Seeking Help, Survey Finds PKG

A new survey from Cleveland Clinic and Parade shows many Americans are concerned about their brain health. However, they aren't always talking to their doctor about it.

People drinking outdoors
June 19, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Reasons to Drink Less this Patio Season

Although it may be tempting to enjoy a beer or cocktail outside on a nice day, an addiction psychiatrist goes over why you should limit your alcohol this patio season.

Man unloading cooler at picnic
June 18, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Importance of Food Safety at your Next Picnic

Planning a summer picnic? A registered dietitian offers some tips to help keep your food from spoiling in the summer heat.

People swimming at pool.
June 17, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Does Pool Water Affect your Skin and Hair?

A dermatologist explains why chlorine from pool water can make your skin and hair feel more dry, and also offers tips on how you can help prevent that.

Children playing outside
June 14, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Pediatrician’s Guide to Summer Activities for Kids

A pediatrician goes over some fun activities for kids to cure summer boredom, and how to set screen time limits to give them a break from their phones and tablets.

Women working out in the sun
June 12, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Cooling Down During a Heat Wave

A heat wave is making its way through parts of the US. An emergency medicine physician highlights the importance of staying hydrated in extreme temperatures.

Doctor examining patient.
June 12, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Discussing Family Health this Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner. It's also a good time to check in with your dad about his health. A physician explains why those conversations are needed.

Bag of Xylitol
June 11, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Artificial Sweetener Linked to Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Events, Study Finds

New Cleveland Clinic research shows how an artificial sweetener called Xylitol is linked to an increased risk for heart attack and stroke.

Person eating dinner.
June 10, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Nutrition Tips for Cancer Survivors

June is National Cancer Survivor Month. A registered dietitian explains why proper nutrition is so important for those in remission.

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