October 11, 2023/Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Fatima bint Mubarak Center Receives Joint Commission International Accreditation

Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation is the gold standard for quality of care and patient safety in the global healthcare community

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Fatima bint Mubarak Center

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The Fatima bint Mubarak Center at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of the M42 network, has received the coveted Joint Commission International (JCI) three-year accreditation.

This recognition, which is an extension of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s accreditation, reinforces the center’s commitment to excellence in healthcare and elevates its status as a pioneer in cutting-edge cancer care in the UAE and wider region.

Joint Commission International uses the SAFER Matrix to identify and categorize risk factors related to the safety of patients, staff, and visitors. The standards intend to promote continuous, systematic and organization-wide improvement in daily performance and in the outcomes of patient care.

Receiving this recognition within the first year of operation strengthens Fatima bint Mubarak Center’s position as the benchmark for excellence and world-class care.

مركز فاطمة بنت مبارك يتلقى اعتماد اللجنة الدولية المشتركة “جي سي آي”

Stephen Grobmyer, M.D.

“We are honored that the Fatima bint Mubarak Center – which is a newcomer to the UAE healthcare landscape – has been recognized by the Joint Commission International for enhancing the quality and safety of the healthcare we provide to our patients and the community,” said Stephen Grobmyer, M.D., Institute Chair of the Oncology Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. “This accreditation is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our multidisciplinary teams and their steadfast focus on providing the best possible care to our patients—from day one. Being recognized by the world’s preeminent international accreditation body further cements our position as a healthcare leader providing world-class care closer to home.”

Earlier this year, the Fatima bint Mubarak Center achieved another significant international milestone. The center received the LEED Gold from the United States Green Building Council, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

As part of its commitment to transform cancer care in the UAE, the Fatima bint Mubarak Center has invested heavily in research, innovation, and the latest medical technology. With cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment options such as Ethos adaptive radiotherapy, radioembolization – TARE-Y90 therapy and chemotherapy robot, and a team of world-renowned multidisciplinary experts, the center continues to advance in becoming the best oncology facility in the region.

For more information, please visit the Fatima bint Mubarak page: https://www.clevelandclinicabudhabi.ae/en/cancercenter

To book an appointment at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, call 800 8 CCAD (2223) visit www.clevelandclinicabudhabi.ae or download the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Patient Portal App.

About Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of the M42 network, is a multispecialty hospital on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is a unique and unparalleled extension of US-based Cleveland Clinic’s model of care, specifically designed to address a range of complex and critical care requirements unique to the Abu Dhabi population.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has the following Institutes and Departments: Heart, Vascular & Thoracic, Neurology, Digestive Disease, Eye, Respiratory, Critical Care, Oncology, Transplant, Surgical Subspecialties, Medical Subspecialties, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Imaging, Quality & Patient Safety, Clinical & Nursing, Research and Education Departments. In all, more than 50 medical and surgical specialties are represented at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

The campus is also home to a stand-alone and dedicated cancer center, Fatima bint Mubarak Center. The state-of-the-art, facility provides patients with access to diagnostics and treatment options through world-class facilities across 24 clinical departments that include a range of cancer subspecialties and programs: Blood Cancers, Breast Cancers​​, Endocrine Cancers​​, Gastrointestinal Cancers​, Genitourinary Cancers​, Gynecological Cancers, Head and Neck Cancers​, Neurological Cancers, Thoracic Cancers, Ophthalmological Cancers and Soft Tissue Cancers among others.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi provides patients in the region with direct access to the world’s best healthcare providers and Cleveland Clinic’s unique model of care that includes state-of-the-art amenities and world-class service standards, closer to home.

M42 is an Abu Dhabi-based, global tech-enabled healthcare company operating at the forefront of medical advancement.

Visit us at www.clevelandclinicabudhabi.ae

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