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January 24, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Clearing Out Digital Clutter

If your phone is filled with apps, photos, texts and emails, it may be time to do some digital decluttering. A psychologist explains the benefits.

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CLEVELAND – If your phone is filled with apps, photos, texts and emails, it might be time to do some digital decluttering.

Susan Albers, PsyD, psychologist with Cleveland Clinic explains the benefits.

“Studies show that digital clutter is just as toxic to your mental health as physical clutter. It triggers high levels of stress and anxiety,” Dr. Albers said.

She said our brains tend to favor order over chaos, so when you’re bombarded by clutter, it can make you feel overwhelmed.

It can also make it harder to focus and be productive.

Dr. Albers suggests doing a “digital audit” of your devices and deleting stuff you don’t need – like old emails or text messages.

You could also create folders and rename files so they’re easier to find.

And be sure to do this on a regular basis. That way you’ll start to develop the habit of staying organized.

Plus, it’ll make you feel better too.

“Clearing out your digital clutter can make you feel more in control and empowered. It helps to give you clarity and organization that you need to get things done,” said Dr. Albers.

Not to mention, you’ll free up more storage along the way too.

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