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February 26, 2024/Daily Health Stories

Does Taking Cold Showers Benefit your Health?

The trend of taking cold showers has grown in popularity, but can they actually help with your health? A physician offers some insight.

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CLEVELAND – Can turning the faucet from hot to cold be beneficial for your health?

You may have heard about the trend of taking cold showers, but do they actually make a difference when it comes to your health?

“I think some of the most supportive research regarding the benefits of cold showers shows the potential to decrease pain and inflammation and improve muscle recovery after exercise,” explained Melissa Young, MD, functional medicine specialist with Cleveland Clinic.

While a cold shower may offer some relief after a workout, Dr. Young said research is limited as far as other health benefits like weight loss.

Even though your metabolism temporarily increases in response to the frigid water, it’s not your best route to lose weight.

And although some evidence suggests cold showers may boost your immune system, overall research on this is limited as well.

If you still want to try a cold shower after the gym or to wake you up in the morning, Dr. Young recommends slowly easing into the colder water.

But some people should avoid them altogether.

“This does impact your sympathetic nervous system, and so anyone who has heart issues, concerns about arrhythmias and abnormal heart rhythms should avoid cold showers,” Dr. Young said.

If you want to try taking a cold shower but aren’t sure if it’s safe for you, Dr. Young stresses it’s important to check with your doctor first.

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