Cleveland Clinic Medical Resident Returns to U.S.

Suha Abushamma, M.D., Ready to Resume Medical Career, Caring for Patients

Suha Abushamma, M.D., a 26-year-old Cleveland Clinic internal medicine resident who had been denied entry to the United States by an executive order 10 days ago, has returned to Cleveland, where she will resume her medical career.

“I am excited to continue my work here at Cleveland Clinic, where I can focus on my medical career and most importantly caring for patients,” Dr. Abushamma said during a news conference at the Cleveland Intercontinental Hotel and Conference Center Tuesday afternoon.

Traveling with a Sudanese passport, Dr. Abushamma was unable to enter the United States on Saturday, Jan. 28, due to an executive order blocking travelers from seven countries, including Sudan.

She was able to return Monday, Feb. 6, through the help of friends, colleagues, a team of attorneys and the U.S. Attorney Office for the Eastern District of New York.

Dr. Abushamma offered the following remarks during Tuesday’s news conference:

First let me start by saying how happy I am to be back here in Cleveland with my friends, my fiancé and all the people I consider a part of my family. I missed everyone so much.

I am excited to continue my work here at Cleveland Clinic, where I can focus on my medical career and most importantly caring for patients.

I always wanted to be a doctor, like my parents who are both doctors and internal medicine physicians and internists. My three siblings are also in medical school.

I chose training in the United States because it’s the best medical training in the world.

Cleveland Clinic stood out, not only because it’s a leading medical institution, but also because the Clinic embraces diversity and considers residents from all over the world.

I am beyond grateful to the entire team of individuals who worked so hard on my case. I especially want to thank this special group of lawyers who put their time and energy into getting me back home to Cleveland.

Also, my longtime friend and colleague, Faris Elkhider, who helped me initially contact my legal team and share my story.

I would personally like to thank Dr. Spencer for taking time away from family and work to meet me at JFK.

Also, thank you to my fellow residents for their infinite support.

I would also like to thank Dr. Cosgrove and the Cleveland Clinic, I am beyond thankful for your support and never giving up on me.

While this has been a challenge for me in many ways, today I am feeling much gratitude and I’m looking forward to getting back to work and putting “Patient’s First.”

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