Cleveland Clinic Sends Caregivers To New York, Michigan To Assist In COVID-19 Efforts

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in the United States, Cleveland Clinic is sending caregivers to New York and Michigan to provide assistance.

Updates on Cleveland Clinic Caregivers Assisting in New York and Michigan

Cleveland Clinic Caregivers Return from New York-Presbyterian 
May 15, 2020

Thirteen Cleveland Clinic caregivers (12 nurses and one physician) returned to Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, May, 15. They spent one month caring for patients with COVID-19 at New York-Presbyterian.

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Cleveland Clinic caregivers returned to Cleveland, after helping care for patients with COVID-19, at New York-Presbyterian. (Courtesy: Cleveland Clinic)

Cleveland Clinic Caregivers Depart for Henry Ford Hospital
April 22, 2020

Thirteen Cleveland Clinic nurses departed from Avon Hospital for Michigan on Wednesday, April 22. They will spend up to four weeks at various Henry Ford Hospital locations treating COVID-19 patients.

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Thirteen Cleveland Clinic nurses are spending up to four weeks in Michigan to help Henry Ford Hospital treat COVID-19 patients. (Courtesy: Cleveland Clinic)

Cleveland Clinic Caregivers Depart for New York-Presbyterian
April 17, 2020

Twenty five Cleveland Clinic caregivers (10 physicians and 15 nurses) departed Cleveland Hopkins Airport for Newark, New Jersey on Friday, April 17. They will spend up to four weeks in various New York-Presbyterian Hospitals throughout New York City. United donated round trip airfare for our caregivers.

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Download sound bites from Dr. Herbert Wiedemann, Kelly Hancock, Amy Mahnke
Download photos of caregivers leaving Cleveland in the “Media Downloads” section above

A team of 25 Cleveland Clinic caregivers departed for New York City to help treat COVID-19 patients. (Courtesy: Cleveland Clinic)

Details About Cleveland Clinic Assisting in New York and Michigan

Cleveland Clinic reached out health systems in the hardest hit areas of the country to provide assistance.

New York and Michigan requested help of available caregivers including critical care nurses, nurse practitioners, board-certified critical care and emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants and CT and X-ray technicians.

Cleveland Clinic is supportive of providing caregivers to help during this time and we remain well-staffed to handle any anticipated surge in the states where we have hospitals. The decision to serve is completely voluntary for our caregivers.

Should we experience an increased surge need at one of our own locations, Cleveland Clinic will bring our caregivers back to meet the needs of our patients.

  • Caregivers will continue to receive pay and benefits from Cleveland Clinic with no interruption.
  • No vacation time will be charged to those who volunteer to assist.
  • All clinicians will be covered by our medical malpractice insurance, as well as emergency immunity laws that have been enacted in both New York and Michigan. All housing, meals, transportation and laundering services will be provided and expenses will be reimbursed.
  • The duration of the assignment will be based on staffing needs at Cleveland Clinic. Individuals are free to come home at any time.
  • If a caregiver becomes sick, Cleveland Clinic will bring them home.

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