Cleveland Clinic Offers COVID-19 Vaccinations at Langston Hughes Health and Education Center

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On Monday, March 8, Cleveland Clinic opened a community-based vaccination clinic at the Langston Hughes Health and Education Center in Cleveland.

The clinic offers vaccinations to all Ohio residents who meet the Ohio Department of Health criteria. Vaccinations will be available on Mondays, by appointment only. For more information about scheduling a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, visit our website.

Irma McQueen receives a COVID-19 vaccine at the Langston Hughes Health and Education Center. (Courtesy: Cleveland Clinic)

Cleveland Clinic is working through a coordinated strategy for prioritizing and administering COVID-19 vaccines, in accordance with CDC and state guidelines. A key focus of this process includes ensuring that those who are at higher risk of infection and death from the virus – including Black, Hispanic and underserved communities – have access to the vaccine.

We know vaccination is the most important public health measure we have to slow the spread of the virus. Having a significant portion of the public vaccinated will help us prevent serious hospitalizations and death, and will eventually allow a return to normal.

Cleveland Clinic Langston Hughes Community Health & Education Center has become a gathering place for health and wellbeing in the Fairfax neighborhood. The Center focuses on free health education, prevention and wellness programs to help improve community health. Recently, the Center added primary care services.

As vaccine supply increases, we are hoping to open additional community vaccination sites throughout Northeast Ohio.

As our vaccination plans develop, we are committed to keeping patients informed about who will be able to get vaccinated. We want to make sure our communities have every opportunity to receive the vaccine.