How Parents can Help Protect their Kids from Bullying

CLEVELAND – October is National Bullying Prevention Month. It’s an issue that impacts many children. In fact, research shows one in every five students reports being bullied. So, what can parents do to help protect them? “All of the research shows the number one protective factor for children who are struggling is having at least … Read More

Dealing with Headaches after Recovering from COVID-19

CLEVELAND – If you noticed you’re still dealing with lingering headaches after contracting COVID-19, you’re not alone. Emad Estemalik, MD, who is a headache specialist for Cleveland Clinic, said it’s a problem for many people. “When it comes to headaches, there was actually an interesting study that looked at long-term neurologic complications following COVID infections, … Read More

Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Story of Hope PKG

CLEVELAND – As the old saying goes, ‘You never know what someone else is going through,’ and that’s especially true for Amanda Maggiotto. She is battling breast cancer for the third time. “I look like a normal person just walking around, but I am dealing with some heavy stuff,” she said. Amanda was first diagnosed … Read More

Finding the Perfect Present for Sweetest Day

CLEVELAND – Sweetest Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t gotten your significant other anything just yet, don’t stress. There are plenty of ways to show you care without actually buying a present. “It’s important to think outside the box. It doesn’t have to be an actual physical gift. It can be … Read More

Staying Safe While Having Fun with Fall Festivities

CLEVELAND – Fall has finally arrived and that means hayrides, pumpkin patches and Halloween festivities are back. But, are they safe to attend this year? “Especially with the surge of the Delta variant these past several months, I think anything we do right now we have to be cautious and careful because now there is … Read More