Colon Cancer: What You Need to Know (at Any Age)

CLEVELAND – March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. In recent years, reports have shown a disturbing trend – more young adults being diagnosed with the disease than ever before. According to Matthew Kalady, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic, when it comes to colon cancer, there are warning signs, regardless of age, that should never be ignored. “The … Read More

Be Heart-Smart When Shoveling Snow

CLEVELAND – Watching several inches of snow blanket the lawn can be a beautiful sight. However, most of us are less-than-thrilled at the thought of shoveling the white stuff from our driveways. But, before heading outdoors with shovel in hand, experts say there is a heightened risk for suffering a heart attack after shoveling heavy amounts … Read More

Keep Winter Habits from Taking a Toll on Your Skin

CLEVELAND – It’s cold and flu season and the best way to protect yourself from getting sick is to wash your hands – a lot. But all of that scrubbing can take a toll on our already-dry winter skin. According to Melissa Piliang, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic, we can keep hands germ-free and soft during … Read More

Can working overtime mean high blood pressure?

CLEVELAND – For many people, working overtime is all part of the job. But, according to a recent study, working more than 40 hours a week may put us at risk for high blood pressure. The study looked at 3,547 office workers over a five year period. Participants wore devices that measured their blood pressure throughout … Read More

Do’s and Don’ts Following a Fat Tuesday Feast

CLEVELAND – For those whose Fat Tuesday plans involve eating every paczki in sight, it’s wise to prepare for the aftermath that overindulgence can bring. According to Cleveland Clinic’s Scott Gabbard, M.D., there are some do’s – and some don’ts – we should consider to avoid having our Fat Tuesday end in digestive misery. “After over-indulging … Read More

What is Walking Pneumonia?

CLEVELAND – Cold and flu season can leave many of us walking around in misery – and most times we can chalk it up to the common cold. But according to Cleveland Clinic’s Dan Allan, M.D., what we think is a common cold could sometimes turn out to be a case of walking pneumonia. “Sometimes walking … Read More

Mending a Broken Heart: Mom, Baby Survive Aortic Aneurysm (PKG)

CLEVELAND – Aortic aneurysms are common – doctors see about three million cases each year. What’s not so common is a young pregnant woman having one. Last winter, more than half-way through her second pregnancy, doctors at Cleveland Clinic discovered 29-year-old Casey Shannon’s aorta was bulging with a large balloon-like aneurysm, due to a rare genetic … Read More

Feline or Fido? Finding Out Which Pet Makes You Sneeze

CLEVELAND – It can be really difficult if people love animals – but can’t stop sneezing when they’re around them. According to Michael Benninger, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic, when it comes to pet allergies, dander is likely to blame. “People are allergic to animal dander,” he said. “The other thing is that animals pick up dust … Read More