Tips for Curbing Spring Allergies

CLEVELAND – If you’re prone to spring allergies, it’s time to start preparing.  According to Sandra Hong, MD, allergist with Cleveland Clinic, even though it’s still considered winter, many are already experiencing symptoms.  “As we start getting warmer days and there is less snow on the ground, we’ll start to see the trees start budding,” said … Read More

Health Risks of Sitting Too Long at Work

CLEVELAND – A recent study, involving nearly 500,000 people, found that sitting for too long at work can increase your risk for heart disease and even death.  So, why is that exactly?  We asked Tamanna Singh, MD, sports cardiologist with Cleveland Clinic. She was not involved with the study.  “If we don’t stay on top of … Read More

Why Many of Us Have ‘Comfort Shows’

CLEVELAND – Do you have a favorite TV show you tend to watch over and over again?  You could probably name all the characters and quote some of their lines.  “Often with comfort shows, they’re people that we can resonate with. They’re stories we resonate with, or they’re stories we wish we could resonate with,” explained … Read More

Research Shows Possible Risks of Too Much Niacin

CLEVELAND – For years, vitamin B3, better known as niacin, has been added to many of the foods we eat every day.  But, new research from Cleveland Clinic shows getting too much can put you at risk for cardiovascular disease.  “What we found is that people who are in the top 25% of the population are … Read More

Why You’re Waking Up at 3 a.m.

CLEVELAND – Do you find yourself waking up at the same time every night? Whether it’s midnight or 3 a.m., a sleep expert weighed in on why you might be seeing the same time on the clock again and again. “It might be that over time your brain and body have become conditioned to wake … Read More

Cold Weather Causing Your Joints to Ache?

CLEVELAND – If you noticed your joints are creaking and popping more than usual, the cold weather could be to blame.   Elaine Husni, MD, rheumatologist with Cleveland Clinic, explains the science behind this theory.  “In cold weather, we have lower barometric pressure and sometimes that can increase swelling in certain areas. And you may not know … Read More

Family Filled with Love after Baby’s Heart Transplant PKG

CLEVELAND – Angie Voisard is happy to have her baby girl back home.  “Pregnancy was completely normal, just like all of my other kids. No complications at all,” she recalled. But, everything changed when Bella turned two months old.  “I came home from work and her breathing was very rapid,” said Angie. So she rushed her to the hospital.  “They … Read More

Dealing with Dating App Despair

CLEVELAND – If you’re still looking for love this Valentine’s Day, you may be tempted to sign up for one of the many dating apps out there.  And while they can be a great way to meet someone, they can also dredge up feelings of despair.  “Online dating is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it … Read More

Is Fasting Really Healthy for You?

CLEVELAND – Fasting continues to grow in popularity. It’s a pretty simple concept if you’re unfamiliar with the diet, and there are multiple ways you can do it. “Time-restricted eating is probably the most popular type of fasting. This is keeping your eating to just one window during the day – often people will only … Read More

Behind the Scenes of Celebrity Fascination

CLEVELAND – The Super Bowl is this Sunday and millions will be tuning in, not just for the game, but the celebrities too.  So, what is it about the famous that keeps us captivated?  “Paying attention to celebrity news, for many people, is simply an escape from the daily stressors of everyday life,” said Susan Albers, … Read More