Helping a Thanksgiving Eve Hangover

CLEVELAND – Thanksgiving Eve is often a popular night to indulge in a holiday beverage, or two. But if you overdo it – you may feel less than festive come Turkey Day. Dan Allan, MD, a family medicine physician at Cleveland Clinic, said the bad news is there’s no real cure for a hangover – … Read More

Coping with COVID-19 Tension during the Holidays

CLEVELAND – The holidays can be stressful and on top of that, we’re dealing with a pandemic — which could cause even more tension, especially as we plan family gatherings. “We’re seeing a lot of conflict and tension between family members about how to handle the upcoming holidays,” said Susan Albers, PsyD, a psychologist with … Read More

Boosting Immunity during Cold and Flu Season

CLEVELAND – It’s always a good idea to do what you can to stay healthy during cold and flu season – especially in the midst of a pandemic. Donald Ford, MD, a family medicine specialist at Cleveland Clinic, said adopting a healthy lifestyle is a natural way to boost the immune system. “The most important … Read More

Is the Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine in the Home Stretch?

CLEVELAND – The race continues to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Several vaccines are in various stages of research and some are starting to break away from the pack, according to Daniel Culver, DO, of Cleveland Clinic. “There are a number of vaccines currently in advanced stage clinical trials, what we call stage 3 clinical trials, … Read More

COVID-19 Safety for College Students Heading Home

CLEVELAND – As college students prepare for Thanksgiving break– extra precautions should be taken to protect loved ones at home. Joseph Khabbaza, MD, of Cleveland Clinic, said students attending classes in-person, may fall into a higher risk category of being carriers of COVID-19. “Anyone who’s in full-time school, that’s going to be a bit higher risk,” he … Read More

Keeping Elderly Relatives Safe for the Holidays

CLEVELAND – With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many families are trying to figure out how to celebrate safely in the midst of the pandemic and keep older relatives physically, but not socially, distant. Kenneth Koncilja, MD, a geriatrics specialist at Cleveland Clinic said it’s a tough call as to whether elderly loved ones should … Read More

Do You Need a Social Media Detox?

CLEVELAND – There’s no doubt social media plays a big part in many of our lives. And while it helps us connect with family and friends, experts say it can also be damaging to our mental health. “When we’re on social media it isn’t always the healthiest kind of connection,” said Jane Pernotto-Ehrman, a behavioral … Read More

Don’t be a Turkey, Plan a Safe Thanksgiving

CLEVELAND – As with most events, we should expect Thanksgiving to look different this year due to COVID-19. Joseph Khabbaza, MD, a critical care medicine specialist with Cleveland Clinic, said gatherings should be kept small and reminds us that family settings have the potential for loved ones to unknowingly spread coronavirus. “Any gathering with family … Read More