Worst Year for Measles since 1992

CLEVELAND – According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States has seen the most cases of measles this year since 1992. Recent reports indicate the number of cases has surpassed 1,100, and has hospitalized more than 100. Frank Esper, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic Children’s said measles is dangerous because of … Read More

Are Meat Mimics Good for your Health?

CLEVELAND – Burger alternatives that mimic meat are popping up in stores and on menus everywhere. These products go beyond a simple veggie burger – they taste like meat, feel like meat and even ‘bleed’ red – but they’re actually made with plants. Cleveland Clinic ‘s Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD,  said cutting back on red meat is … Read More

Making the Grade: Healthy Back to School Prep (PKG)

CLEVELAND – Back-to-school is a busy time for parents and children alike. But as schedules change and a new school year begins, Kimberly Giuliano, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic Children’s said it’s important to make sure everyone is prepared for a safe and healthy start to the school year. This includes talking to kids about what … Read More

Study: Move More, Sit Less, for a Longer Life

CLEVELAND – By now, the evidence is pretty clear – it’s healthier to be active than to sit around. But, just how much benefit can we get from swapping 30 minutes of sitting for 30 minutes of walking? According to one recent study, making this slight adjustment, can pay off big time. The study looked at … Read More

Research: Team Sports Improve Kids’ Mental Health

CLEVELAND – The physical benefits of participating in youth sports have been known for years. Now, a recent study shows engaging in team sports can actually help kids ward off depression. The study looked at data on 9,668 children. Researchers found children who were exposed to adverse childhood experiences reported better mental health as adults, if … Read More

Prevent Poison Ivy Rash this Summer

CLEVELAND – We’ve all heard the saying – ‘leaves of three, let it be.’ But poison ivy can be tricky, it can hide in the brush, not always in plain sight. According to Melissa Piliang, M.D., a dermatologist at Cleveland Clinic, people might not know they’ve come in contact with poison ivy right away, as … Read More

Don’t Let Rotten Food Spoil Your Summer Fun (PKG)

CLEVELAND – For those whose end of summer plans include a backyard bash or packing up the camper for a trip, putting food safety at the top of the ‘to-do’ list should be a priority. That’s because, according to Cleveland Clinic’s Baruch Fertel, M.D., bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli thrive in warm environments. … Read More