Minimally-invasive surgery to remove tumor enables marathon runner to keep pace with her active life

CLEVELAND – When Rachel Parker, 39, a marathon runner, learned she needed to have a liver tumor removed, she was concerned about how long her recovery would keep her from training. Diagnosed with perivascular epithelioid cell neoplasm (PEComa) – a rare and usually benign tumor which forms in the soft tissue of the stomach, intestines, lungs … Read More

University coach ‘on track’ in battle against leukemia

Download Text Web Story CLEVELAND – B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), is a rare form of cancer that strikes only about 6,000 Americans annually. When Jud Logan, 60, was diagnosed with ALL in 2019, the four-time Olympic athlete, and longtime track and field head coach for Ashland University was undaunted. “I’m built for this,” said Logan. “If anybody … Read More