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Patient Stories

May 12, 2023/Patient Stories

Woman Pregnant with Twins Undergoes Surgery to Remove Brain Tumor

On Jan. 17, 2023, Jeanette Davila welcomed her twins Noah and Juliette into the world. One week prior, the 31 year old was in surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Corbin Newsroom
March 7, 2023/Patient Stories

Boy Born With Permanent Hearing Loss Now Thriving With Cochlear Implants

Corbin was born with permanent hearing loss and is among our youngest patients to receive cochlear implants. Since surgery, Corbin can hear clearly and continues to surpass developmental milestones.

Dan when he was a police officer newsroom
February 2, 2023/Patient Stories

Retired Police Officer Discovers Heart Condition Through Routine Physical

Just a few weeks after retiring, Dan found out he had a potentially life-threatening heart condition called mitral valve regurgitation.

nicole feature
December 20, 2022/Patient Stories

Girl Undergoes Rare Facial Reanimation Surgery, Restores Ability to Smile

Unable to smile, or even completely close her right eye, Nicole couldn't use her face to express emotion in conventional ways before the procedure.

DJ Asset Page
December 19, 2022/Patient Stories

Infant Has Rare Ventricular Surgery to Repair Congenital Heart Defect

DJ became the youngest patient at Cleveland Clinic to undergo a ventricular switch, a surgical procedure to treat a life-threatening congenital heart defect that prevents normal blood flow from the heart’s two lower chambers to the lungs and other parts of the body.

Brian Chrobak
September 28, 2022/Patient Stories

Young Man Discovers Lump on Chest, Never Expects Breast Cancer

An active man in his 30s describes how quickly a small lump evolved from an annoyance to a serious medical condition.

Andy Voge_tripane TEASE 16×9
July 6, 2022/Patient Stories

Man Receives First-In-World Full Multi-Organ Transplant for Rare Cancer

Andy received five organs all together and at the same time upon completion of the 17-hour operation.

Kimberly and Tony_cropped split TEASE 16×9
February 3, 2022/Patient Stories

Woman Has Heart Transplant Hours After Getting Married

Hours after Kimberly said "I do!" to her fiancé, she underwent a heart transplant. Her mom and brother share the same genetic condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM. After transplant, Kimberly says she sees no limitations in her future.

Surgery on Baby in Womb Removes Life Threatening Tumor on Heart
December 22, 2021/Patient Stories

Surgery on Baby In Womb Removes Rare Tumor on Heart

A multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses performed a rare and complex lifesaving fetal surgery to remove a tumor attached to the heart of a 26-week-old fetus.

Sarah Keil and family, Courtesy_ Sarah Keil
December 16, 2021/Patient Stories

Unvaccinated Woman with MS Survives Severe COVID Infection, Encourages Vaccination

After recovering from a life-threatening case of COVID-19, a woman, who has multiple sclerosis, shares why she regrets not getting vaccinated.

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